The Dyslexic Developer – Branding and Logo Design



Chris is a Javascript developer with a blog which showcases modern and up to date developing technologies and languages. He wanted to completely redevelop (and build again from scratch) his blog so to make it more professional and a separate project from his day to day work. So with my help we developed a new logo to represent him and his venture. I also designed a web interface for him to work from, giving a completely clean, simple and fresh look to his new website –

The Dyslexic Developer.

mockup web

I wanted to give him something that was simple but yet meaningful to let his work stand out. And so I created this typographic logo, (C L being his initials, forming a disjointed D, which sensitively fits the theme of his new blog title). The yellow is the colour choice of Javascript and the logo font I created is inspired by Courier New – the font that is mainly used in coding platforms. In researching for this project, he came across a site that used Georgia for the bulk of it’s text. Finding it appealing and fitting in well with our other visuals and theme, we chose that for our main font for the brand as you can see in the business card design below.

To see the finished product click here.

Make sure to follow Chris on Twitter or Instagram and his work on GitHub.