Hi! I’m Louise Younger, AKA Liffy Designs. I’m a creative designer based in Belfast Northern Ireland.

In 2013 I developed the alias of Liffy Designs to help me employ my artistic skills after university, later becoming a full time freelancer as of 2017

I am passionate about people and design and I feel very lucky that I get to connect the two in my career. I really enjoy working alongside my clients to develop a design that truly represents them and their individual stories as well as providing an exciting experience for both potential and existing customers. I firmly believe that everyone’s differences should be nurtured and celebrated. I revel in the unique challenges that each brief gives me and love creating designs that are simple, imaginative, honest and timeless..

I would love to work with you or your clients to build strong and impactful designs. To get in contact about design work email hi@liffydesigns.co.uk or use the provided contact form.